Notification and Crisis Communication

Notification and Crisis Communication


Automation of your BCMS Notification and Crisis Communications

We provide advisory services to help you select, install and maintain specialised software to automate your Notifications and Crisis Communications capability. The hidden benefit is that this robust crisis communications capability can be utilised by the company not just in times of crisis such a natural disaster (heavy rains and water-logging, earthquake, sandstorm etc.), Acts of violence, terrorist attack etc. – but also as a means of business-as-usual (BAU) capability for mass notifications at any time, either unplanned or planned. These tools can cater to both internal and external stakeholders, such as internal announcements and updates, all-employee communications, town-hall meetings, updates to suppliers and partners etc. etc.

In short, mass notification tools can provide you huge benefits not just for crisis situations but also for other planned internal and external communications, for all situations where you need 100% reliability and peace of mind that all who need to know have received the message in a short span of time.

The key advantage of specialised BCM Notification software is the ability to send out thousands of messages in a matter of seconds, and track receipt/ exception reports and retries for non-delivery. This capability can help save lives and help the company management protect itself from millions of dollars in fines and penalties, not to mention damage to reputation and other assets.

Typically, such Notification messages can be sent out simultaneously through multiple platforms such as email, sms, landline, mobile phone, fax, pager, TTY, blackberry messenger, or other client-specific devices. Some tools also have the ability to integrate with social media platforms such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc.

Exception reports regarding delivery of messages can be accessed within minutes, thereby enabling the organisation to focus on alternate means to get in touch with any entities who for some reason were unavailable to receive the message (such as being in a flight, do not disturb etc).

Many notification systems also deliver messages not just in English but also in other relevant regionals languages including Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog etc. Some support not just speech but also text.

So, for organisations that truly care, the usage of automated notification systems can save lives, time, money, reputation and pain.

Easy to activate via multiple modes such as PC, smartphone, landline, mobile or internet, notification tools typically have the following features:

  • Web based solution, no additional hardware required
  • Globally available hence can connect from anywhere in the world
  • Can be used for
    o Alerting and Emergency Notification
    o Telephone conference
    o Info hotline
    o Case Manager (Crisis management)
    o Call tree testing o Reports and analysis.

For organisations that care and realise that they have a responsibility to keep all their key interested parties informed, it would be very wise and money well-spent to also consider specialised notification tools as a means to maintain their reputation for professionalism.

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