IT DR Tools

IT DR Tools

Automation of your IT Disaster Recovery

We provide advisory services to help you select, install and maintain specialised software to automate and manage your IT Disaster Recovery processes.

In planning for disaster recovery (DR), any organisation must consider the costs and complexity of bringing a whole range of applications back online within reasonable and expected timelines. If not done properly or in the correct order, or if mistakes are made during recovery due to lack of proper testing or documentation, small outages can turn into huge disasters. Concerns such as these can be addressed through DR automation.

Through DR Automation, activities can be scheduled in the appropriate sequence and appropriate procedures applied to facilitate the smooth recovery of processes. Effective IT DR automation eliminates human error and returns the organization back to normal operations within the required RTOs and RPOs.

IT Disaster Recovery automation tools can help implementers to manage the full IT DR process, from failover operations to remote sites, and also automating the failback of IT operations to the primary site. These solutions can free IT staff from many manual steps that can otherwise introduce reliability risk into IT Disaster Recovery. While automated IT DR maps to an organization’s operational model, it also reduces recovery time, ensures successful failover and failback, and facilitates testing without allowing the possibility of introducing a business disruption.

So while automation certainly reduces the risk and complexity of IT DR, it can also reduce the cost. For many companies, downtime equates with lost revenue. Per a survey some time ago, 73% of companies surveyed reported they could only tolerate about three hours of tierone application downtime before revenue loss became critical. Data restoration performed with traditional backup software can be an extremely complex and lengthy process which often far exceeds a 3 hour tolerance level. By reducing dependency on tape-based recovery and leveraging new technologies such as Cloud/ IT DR automation, snapshots and continuous data protection, enterprises can ensure optimal uptime even when bad things happen – without busting their budgets.

Some benefits of using such IT DR automated tools are:

  • Software platform used for developing and maintaining ITDR / IT Service Continuity Plans.
  • Automated end-to-end tool which helps bring more visibility to the IT disruption.
  • Monitor and automate the failover and switchover of applications.
  • Monitor RTO and RPO using the tool.
  • Easy to setup and manage the tool.
  • Low/ nil maintenance of the tool.

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