It is easy to “advise”. But in our opinion, what adds true value is not to merely “advise”, but to “implement”, to ‘hand-hold”, walk along with the customer till the finishing line. In our case, we can do either. Choice is that of the customer. But given a choice, our preferred approach is not to just “tell” or “advise” – but to “show how”, “do” and “hand-hold”. That way, we put our money where our mouth is, and truly add value. Our success is to bring customer preparedness and competencies to a stage where you do not need us anymore. That is truly when we can be comfortable that we have done justice to your faith in us.

At Continuity and Resilience, the approach is to utilize our collective experience of over 100+ man-years in order to assist our clients to implement Global Best Practices in Sustainability, Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Information Security, IT Service Management, Project Management and Quality. We have made our share of mistakes and learned from them, and over time, have developed better, smarter and faster ways of deploying domain-based solutions. By virtue of our exposure to industry best practices across various industries, geographies and organization cultures, we are able to define the most appropriate method of deployment to rapidly and effectively implement a reliable and robust framework for our clients. We believe that with our assistance and leanings, our customers will be able to operate and implement more efficiently and effectively than they are likely to be able to do themselves.

And since in today’s world time is money, time saved automatically translates into money saved. BCM being a specialized activity, smart organizations choose to save money by outsourcing either the whole or parts of their BCM initiative to CORE. Continuity and Resilience is committed to helping BCM and DR practitioners raise the professional standards and competency levels.

While it is very easy to postulate on how to implement Best Practices, the real edge comes from having implemented them first as a user, before doing so as a consultant. Amongst other differentiators, what makes us more effective is that our consultants have been the Domain Heads of global multinationals and transnational corporations, and so speak from experience. This has allowed them to develop a hands-on understanding of the domain, particularly the challenges of implementation, and how to overcome them. Our experience, attention to detail, and leveraging of past learning’s has given us the ability to anticipate bottlenecks and come up with timely proactive solutions – which effectively is really what high-quality Consulting is all about!

Other than the above, we also provide advisory services on BCM/ IT DR Tools and Company-wide communications/Notification Systems including RaaS (Recovery as a Service). These services could also be provided to your customers on a partnership basis. The notification tools can help you reach out to your people in emergency/crisis situations simultaneously through various modes of communication alerts. In case you are looking for back-up seats for your key staff in a case of facility outage (known as Work Area Recovery -WAR), or also back-up seats for your IT team (IT Disaster recovery), that is also something we can assist you with.

Industries in which we have consulted are Telecom, Banking & Finance, Technology/IT, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Utilities and Manufacturing. Proof of the pudding is in the eating – please refer to our testimonials page for an indication of our competence.

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