Green IT & Energy Management

Green IT & Energy Management

Sustainability ensures living today comfortably and leaving enough for tomorrow as well. CORE believes Information Security, Energy Security, Physical Security, Environmental Security, Business Security (continuity) – all go together to ensure Sustainability.

Green IT

Green IT is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently. The goal of Green IT is to do more with less, with minimum utilization of resources. It is said that “Green” usage of IT itself can help reduce up to 15% carbon emissions by 2020 (globally). Automatically, since implementation of Green IT helps save resources that cost money, it helps save money too.

The larger the size of the organization, the larger the potential savings through implementation of Green IT.

Green IT can be split into four categories:

  • Responsible manufacturing
  • Power management
  • Consumables
  • Recycling and disposal

It is our opinion that within the next 5 years, any organization that is unable to demonstrate a commitment towards protecting the environment will lose credibility and will soon get overtaken by its peers. The BCS Foundation certificate in Green IT and also the ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) provide some effective frameworks for demonstrating commitment to Green.

Why Green IT:

The primary objective of implementing Green IT is to account for the triple bottom line – an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring contribution to People (organizational and societal contribution), Planet (contribution to the environment) and Profit (contribution to financial success).

Specific benefits of implementing Green IT are:

Green IT & Energy Management
Benefits of Green IT

  • Developing your Green IT Policy, Strategy and Action Plan
  • Helping you in developing your IT roadmap through Green IT Maturity Assessment Study
  • Helping you with your CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Application writing
  • Helping you with your GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Report development (triple bottom-line reporting)
  • Helping you in establishing your Carbon Footprint and managing it through Carbon Offsetting
  • Conducting your datacenter Energy Audits
  • Designing your datacenter for Energy Efficiencies
  • Developing your Environmental Sustainability Program
  • Helping you with CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects
  • Helping you in your e-waste management program
  • Green IT solutions (document management, work flow automation)
  • ISO 14001 Implementation

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