Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Products and Services

In partnership with Integrity of Israel, we provide the following products and services:


Endpoint & EDR/ XDR – Protection for Endpoint, Anti-Virus, Mail Relay, EDR and Sandbox solution.
For Windows, MAC, Android or Linux.

SIEM/SOC managed services – With an option for continuous monitoring for employees with remote access to the organizations’ systems.

Beyond DLP – A solution to prevent ransomware, information leakage and monitor sensitive activity of employees and suppliers.

NAC – An Automated security control platform that delivers real-time visibility and control of all devices on the network.

Phishing & Awareness platform – A phishing simulation platform which allows organizations to perform simulated phishing attacks with custom email templates.

Encrypted File Sharing Software – A secured file sharing software for sensitive documents management with Bank level security.

Monitor & Defense Solution – Automatic total defence against the spread of cyber-attacks (Ransomware) within the organizational network for IT, OT & Automotive.

Online Threat Hunting – Online Threat Hunting, Social Anti-Phishing & Brand Protection solution.

Detects and fights online brand abuse; Trademark infringements, counterfeit sales, fraud etc.

DDoS Protection – Detecting and Eliminating DDoS threats before an attack.

The platform works as a non-disruptive top layer on any DDoS mitigation system.


CISO as a Service – covers all information security and Cyber Security requirements across the organization.

Including; Corporate governance, Cyber risk assessments, IT & OT penetration testing, Cyber intelligence, Phishing Campaigns, Data protection (DPO), Training for board members and employees and a Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Supply Chain Cyber Consulting, Aligning an organization’s cybersecurity strategic direction with its business goals is crucial to a successful cybersecurity program. This alignment facilitates the right balance between the business’ needs and being adequately protected against cyber risks.

As organizations increasingly link more and more of their operational processes to their cyber infrastructure, effective cybersecurity measures are key to an organization’s ability to protect its assets, including its reputation, intellectual property (IP), employees and customers.

Many companies believe that their investment in cutting-edge technology solutions mean that they are well protected from cyber attacks. However, it is not only a matter of effective defenses but also the people, the business and the organizational elements that come into play. An integrated approach is called for, tailored to your specific business needs and risk profile.

IT & OT Penetration Testing, APT testing, data security checks (including internal and external penetration testing), Black Box, Gray Box and White Box configurations, and array design for Application and Infrastructure. The purpose of these tests is to quickly detect various types of security vulnerabilities in the organization’s web applications and sites, using the most advanced software tools of their kind in the market, followed by thorough manual checks to validate the findings of the tools and identify additional potential data security exposures.

Cyber Risk Assessments, survey of information security risks, tests on technological, process and regulatory issues tailored to the needs of the customer, whose purpose is to quickly discover potential exposures of the critical information assets in the organization to a breach of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The risk surveys are tailored to each organization according to its size, geographical layout, type of industry, regulatory requirements, etc., and are carried out by the firm’s information security experts based on our proprietary methodology. At the end of each survey, we present a summary of the findings, conclusions and remedial actions.

GDPR Implementation and Certification Services providing Procedures, Guidelines, Trainings, Legal advice, Risk assessments, Penetration testings, Remediation plans, Workshops, Contract reviews, Readiness reviews of data processors , consulting Technological solutions, DPO services,  Certification Audit, etc.

ISO27001 Implementation

ISAE3402, SOC2 and Microsoft Supplier Data Protection Certification.

Examination and advice on adherence to control models, standards and regulatory requirements, such as COBIT, ITIL, 17799, SOX, directives of the Supervisor of Banks, SOC1 SOC 2, SAS, Agreed Upon Procedures and more.

Consulting in strategy and IT management and implementation of IT solutions, including testing of computer unit performance, consulting on outsourcing, project support and financial risk assessments (ROI and ROSI), assistance in preparing IT policies and procedures, BCP/DRP.

SAM services (software asset management) for companies interested in streamlining the software products they use for business operations, as well as SLR (software license review) services to software vendors interested in ensuring that their products are licensed..

Conducting studies, surveys and analysis of trends in solutions, services and IT technologies.

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions & Data Conversion, the key to the success of your business is found in your data

Finding and linking varied and often complex data from different source systems simply and reliably. Only then will you be able to realise the full potential of your corporate information in order to make better operational and strategic decisions. We provide modern business intelligence software solutions tailored to your requirements can help you with this.

Cyber Incident Response Simulation, this Workshop provides senior management and incident response teams with the vital processes, knowledge and skills to lead and manage a cyber crisis. The Workshop simulates attacks and includes training exercises, participants encounter advanced attack scenarios in a realistic and secure environment, under the guidance of our cyber experts.

This workshop is designed for senior management involved in responding to a cyber or data breach across an organization.

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