Crisis Management

Crisis Management

A Crisis is defined as a significant threat to business operations that can have severe negative consequences if not handled properly – in terms of reputation/brand/revenue loss. Crisis Management relates to management of the incident in an effective manner. While a Crisis does not make the system or facility inoperable, inappropriate Management of the Crisis could lead to inability to deliver the key products and services – i.e. a Business Continuity issue.

Why Crisis Management:

It is said that it takes years and years of nurturing to build a reputation, but only moments to tarnish it. Crisis Management and Crisis Communications often comprise the initial response from any organization. Only after effective response does effective recovery and restoration commence. Effective Crisis Management is critical for an organization to protect the reputation and image of the company – while ineffective or inappropriate crisis management could effectively destroy the future of the company. Conversely, Effective Crisis Management in the face of a disaster situation could even help enhance the image of the company, and in the long run contribute in a major way to the growth and proliferation of the company. Proactive and effective Crisis Management could prevent an incident from escalating, and save valuable assets such as human life, physical assets, reputation and financials – and thus perhaps even change the course of history.

Crisis Management Training and Consulting


Through our expertise in Crisis Management and Communications, we can help you with:

  • Conducting a GAP Assessment for your Crisis Management Plans/preparedness
  • Implementation of Crisis Management in line with BS25999 Best Practices
  • Tracking and monitoring of Crisis Management Gap closure
  • Strategic Risk Assessment with Company Senior Management
  • Developing and signoff of the Incident Management Structure/Incident Management Plans
  • Conducting Crisis Management Tests and Exercises, including preparation of Exercise report
  • Internal Audit of Crisis Management vs. Global Best Practices
  • Third party Audits of the Crisis Management readiness processes on behalf of Principals/Customers
  • Specialized Crisis Management manpower outsourcing
  • Annual/Periodic Maintenance and Assurance Audits of your Crisis Management preparedness
  • Conducting an MR for your Crisis Management readiness

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