Company Profile

Company Profile

Continuity and Resilience, provides services in the niche area of Business Continuity Management (BCM) Consulting, Implementation, Testing, Assessment, Assurance and Audit. Rather than straddle multiple domains, we have chosen to be specialists in BCM, IT DR and related domains, even though our instructors hold certifications in many other domains also. Our consultants have worked with professionals from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, India, Lebanon, Iran and Mauritius. Our consultants and instructors have facilitated over 180 trainings/assignments and interacted with over 2000 professionals across the world.

Our mission is to promote and empower BC/DR practitioners with the appropriate skills and knowledge to help organizations strengthen their management systems and enhance operational resiliency in the business processes; thereby, helping to minimize the impact and losses due to disruptions and disasters.

CORE also provides advisory services in BCM/ IT DR Tools and Notification Systems. We provide customized E-learning solution for BCM and related domains.

At Continuity and Resilience, the approach is to utilize our collective experience of over 140 man-years in order to assist our clients to implement BCM more efficiently and effectively than they are likely to be able to do themselves. By virtue of our exposure to industry best practices across various industries, geographies and organization cultures, we are able to utilize BCM best practices and define the most appropriate method of deployment to rapidly and effectively implement a reliable and robust BCM framework for our clients.

And since in today’s world time is money, time saved automatically translates into money saved. BCM being a specialized activity, smart organizations choose to save money by outsourcing either the whole or parts of their BCM initiative to CORE. Continuity and Resilience is committed to helping BCM and DR practitioners raise the professional standards and competency levels.

Continuity and Resilience (CORE) represents the UK-based Business Continuity Institute (, which is a global leader in training and certifications in the domain of Business Continuity. The BCI is truly a global BCM institute, with over 8000+ members across 100 countries. The slogan of the BCI is “Promoting the art and science of Business Continuity Worldwide”, and this is truly what it encourages.

Continuity and Resilience differentiates itself by having a pool of instructors who are highly regarded BC and DR professionals. We offer a full range of quality BC and IT DR services, covering assessment, training, certification, consulting, assurance and improvement. In less than three years, we have trained / certified more than 2000 professionals from over 20 countries. They come from over 590 companies in industries ranging from Technology (IT), Telecom, Banking & Finance, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Utilities, Real Estate and Manufacturing.

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